Fortune only favours the brave

Got album... Got hits... Got no deal

Fortune only favours the brave and The Shotguns are one of those true Rock n' Roll spirited bands that believe in such statements. This tightly knit four - piece are a bunch of creatively driven - whisky swigging, cigarette smoking musicians that have displayed a pure relentlessness and hunger that can only be admired and rewarded accordingly.

They totally disregarded the industry norm and on an independent basis managed to gather cash from their live shows and swagger into Abbey Road Studios in London to record their debut album under the watchfuleye of renowned producer Chris Bolster, who has worked on projects like Oasis, Feeder, The Beatles Anthology, Kate Bush, Travis, Deep Purple, Placebo, Ozzy Osbourne's 'Price of Darkness Box Set' and John Lennon's Grammy Award Winning 'Gimme Some Truth'.

The Shotguns are Warren Snaith Haviside - Vocals and Guitar, Mark John Austin - Lead Guitar, MerweMarchand Le Roux - Bass Guitar and Stuart Mike McLaren - Drums & Percussion. All the members are African born renegades who found their way to London by ways and means of their own unique Rock n' Roll story. Their first London show took place at the infamous Monto Water Rats - which is the same venue where Bob Dylan played his first UK gig. The Pogues also had their first appearance at the same venue and so did Oasis. From there the band swiftly moved onto a few more shows at The Halfmoon - which is venue that saw The Rolling Stones, U2 and Kasabian play there on their way up to stardom. The band have a few showcase gigs lined up for the remainder of the year and plan to tour next year but have chosen to focus on the Abbey Road offering in the immediate future.

The Shotguns rehearsed in their London based studio for a year before stepping into Studio 2 at Abbey Road in June 2009 to do the live takes for the "Dust To Dust" album. The entire process was captured on film and is part of the album package in the form of "The Abbey Road Sessions DVD" The band's story stems from way back and the members have shared stages across two continents while being in other previous bands, which simply seems like a life-gone bye. They believe that their own individual musical journeys and endeavours have all led them to this point. They are now ready, cocked and loaded.

Ladies and gentlemen - this is the world's most ambitious independent and unsigned band. May fortune favour them.